Studio Etiquette


Our aim is to make feel everyone welcomed and provide the best possible time to enjoy their practice.   Whether you are a first time student, or a long time yogi, please help us create a beautiful environment for everyone by observing the following:

  • The studio is shoe free so please leave your footwear in the hallway before entering reception.
  • Make sure all mobile phones are left in changing rooms or lockers. The studio is just for you to take a time away from any stimulation and have some quiet time.
  • Try to stay in the room,this is very important. The heat can be very challenging especially for your mind at start of the practice.Try not to run away from it.The body will get use to the heat.If you need to leave the room for any reason,please let the teacher know you are ok.
  • Remove any jewellery that makes a noise i.e. bangles,bracelets
  • For your own safety please avoid chewing gum
  • Please inform us about any health changes and injuries
  • After class leave the room quietly
  • You will need 2 towels and a yoga mat but also you can hire them in the studio for £1
  • Please arrive to the studio at least 20-30min before class start
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day leading up to your class, and have light food up to two hours beforehand.

Please also note:

  • The yoga studio is a quiet room, please always respect the fellow students in their Savasana and meditation. At the end of the class always leave the room quietly.Thank you.
  • Savasana is one of the most important part of the practise.
  • It is very important to take a time before and after class to take a time to connect with your breath, making the whole body relaxed onto the floor with an awareness of the chest and abdomen rising and falling with each breath.All body is scanned for any tension which consciously released as it is found.
  • Always be respectful of fellow students and keep positive and open mind.


Thank you, Namaste